UNESCO-CWR participation

During the period 2009-2018 the UNESCO-CWR has participated in many national, regional and international activities. Herewith, some of these activities:



1- 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul – Turkey, March 2009.



1- Nile Basin Capacity Building Network meeting of Steering Committee and the Parallel Conference, Cairo, Egypt, September 2010.  (several papers were presented in the conference).

2- UNESCO-CWR being a member of the Scientific Committee of Water Resources and Sustainable Development, 5th Conference in Algeria, Oct.2010, (UNESCO-CWR contributed in this conference and presented a scientific paper).



1- International Symposium Global Change in the Mediterranean Region,  Adremit – Turkey ,5-7 May 2011

2- FRIEND/Nile Project Workshop, Cairo, Egypt; 22-25 May 2011.

3- 26th Conference of Arab Engineers Federation, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia,  July2011.

4- Advance Workshop on Sedimentation Management, Beijing – China, 2011.

5- 25th -29th Sep. 2011, the UNESCO-CWR organized in collaboration with NBCBN-RE a short course on “Modelling Tools for River Engineering”, Cairo, Egypt.

6- UNESCO-IHE Institution for Water Education Governing Board Meeting in Delft – Holland, on behalf of Arab Group(Vb) November 2011.

7- International Conference on Drought Management Strategies in Arid & Semi Arid Regions, Muscat – Sultanate of Oman, by a scientific paper, Dec. 2011.



1- 26th Arab Engineering Federation Conference, Jeddah- Saudi Arabia, by a scientific paper on water supply, Jan. 2012.

2- Meeting about the Nile Basin Nile Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) future in Zurich – Switzerland Feb. 2012,. The meeting was organized by the Strategic Foresight Group in collaboration with the Swiss Government.

3-  6th World Water Forum, Marseille – France, therefore UNESCO-CWR was part of that meeting, which was held in 12th – 17th March 2012.

4- Conference of Water Status in Gulf Region, Doha, Qatar, April 2012. (UCWR) participated with a paper in Water Harvesting techniques,.

5- First National Workshop of Eastern Nile Planning Model (ENPM), May 2012, Khartoum, Sudan.

6- UNESCO-IHP Intergovernmental Council Meeting, June 2012. Also UNESCO-CWR representing Arab Group (Vb) in the Published and Communication Committee.

7- Workshop of “Drinking Water: Scarcity and Quality” organized by Ministry of Electricity & Dams, Khartoum, Sudan, June 2012.



1- International Conference on Africa large River Basin Hydrology, Hammamet, Tunisia, 26 -30 Oct. 2015

2- ISI – Programme Planning Workshop, Beijing, China, 25 – 29 may 2015.



1- NBCBN 8th Steering Committee Meeting, Dar es-Salam, Tanzania, 17-18 Oct. 2016.

2- Challenges and Opportunities of Water Management in Arid and Semi-arid Countries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7 – 9 March 2016.



  • Integrated and Sustainable Management of Non- Nile Water in Sudan Conference Khartoum, Sudan, 23 – 25 Nov 2017
  • World Science Forum, Dead Sea- Jordan, 7 – 11 Nov 2017.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in 5thNile Basin Development Forum, Kigali-Ruanda, 23 – 25 Oct 2017.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Regional partners, UNESCO Chairs, C2C in the Regional IHP Meeting, 17-19 Sep. 2017, Muscat, Oman.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Degree of Integrated Water Resources Management Implementation, Uganda, 27 Dec 2017.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Mobilizing UNESCO Chairs in the Natural Sciences towards the 2030 Agenda, Geneva, Switzerland, 5 – 7 Jul 2017.


  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Water Diplomacy in the Eastern Nile Basin, 27 Nov -1st Dec, 2018.
  • Women and Water Diplomacy: Increasing Women’s Participation in Transboundary Water Cooperation and Peacebuilding in the Nile Basin, Entebbi,Uganda, 22-6 Oct 2017.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in STEM and Gender Advancement (SAGA), Khartoum (Sudan), 1 – 2 may 2018.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Decision Support System and Water Diplomacy, Istanbul, Turkey, 24-29 Mar 2018.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in The Role of Stakeholders in Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals Related to the Water Harvesting, Khartoum, Sudan, 27-28 Feb 2018
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Curricular Development Workshop, UoK, Khartoum, Sudan, 24-27 Feb 2018
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Khartoum, Sudan, 11 Feb 2018.
  • UNESCO-CWR participated in Towards sustainable systems for the management, operation and maintenance of water harvesting facilities in rural areas of Sudan, Khartoum, Sudan, 4-5 Feb 2018.