Regional and International Networks

One of the initiatives undertaken by UNESCO-CWR is to strengthen the relationship and collaborations of the networks at the local, regional and international levels in order to promote experience exchange and transfer of technology among the different organizations.
Such a network includes but not limited to:

National Networks

Integrated Water Resources Management Network- Sudan (IWRM-Net-SD) is a national water and water-related network initiated and hosted by the UNESCO- CWR in April 2017 to act as a platform for promoting integration and coordination efforts across sectors as well as enhancing the capacity of the national institutions at different levels and scales.

In addition UNESCO-CWR has a good relation and joined research efforts and training activities with many international and regional organizations, e.g. UN Environment,UNICEF, JICA, SIWI, FAO, Arab Water Council, Arab Water Academy, UNDP, IFAD and etc.


Cooperation with UNESCO Headquarters, Field Offices

The UNESCO-CWR is used to participate in the UNESCO General Conference (every two years) and The Intergovernmental IHP Council every two years. It is a member of several Committees of IHP Council, e.g. Communication and Publication Committee and others. UNESCO-CWR takes such occasions to meet the officials in the Science and water divisions. Moreover the UNESCO-CWR holds several meetings with the Higher Education Division discussing the progress of the Chair and its future plan. UNESCO-CWR used to send a progress report every two years.
Usually UNESCO-CWR is invited to participate in many activities organized by UNESCO HQ or its Regional offices.