Consultancy Activities


Completed projects

Flood Risk Mapping Consultancy for Pilot Areas in Sudan (2009-2010)
UNESCO-CWR in collaboration with Riverside Technology, Inc. (RTI) of USA, were contracted by the Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) to perform a flood risk assessment for the Blue Nile River in Sudan. The objectives of the project were:-
•To develop Flood Risk Maps in pilot areas of Ethiopia and Sudan.
•To develop and document procedures, tools, and models that can be extended and/or applied in other locations.
•To provide training to partners, ENTRO, and local government staff to develop capacity to apply the study, extend the scope, and incorporate the concepts in planning and emergency response.

Output of the Project

KIMA Consultancy

Recently UNESCO-CWR established a consultancy arm to facilitate its consultancy activities under the name of “KIMA Consultancy”.
KIMA Consultancy is registered with the Commercial Registration Department, Ministry of Justice. This will enable the UNESCO-CWR to compete with others in any project: nationally, regionally and internationally.

KIMA won its first project with Khartoum State: Tuti Island Banks Protection.

This project is a study conducted for Ministry of Water & Infrastructures, Khartoum state, 2011-2012. The study including

Sub-Surface Water Problems in Bait ElMal Area, Omdurman, Khartoum State

for Roads, Bridges and Surface Drainage and Khartoum State Water Corporations, 2013.

Hatab Irrigation Project using treated Waste Water from Khartoum North WWTP (Wad Dafeea)

for Waste Water Corporation, Khartoum State, (2015).

Lake Nasser/Nubia Management Framework and Guidelines Project

Conducted Joint Venture with Cairo University, for Sudan and Egypt, (2015 – 2016).

Eastern Nile Community Watershed Management Project

This projects was executed as between UNESCO CWR and NIRAS (Finland) conducted for Eastern Nile Basin Countries, (2010 – 2014)

Evaluation of Khartoum State Water Resources for Drinking Water Supply

Submitted to Khartoum State Water Corporation, 2015”

Study and Design of selected Drains in Khartoum State Project

for Roads, Bridges and Water Drainage Corporation, Khartoum State, (2015-2016)

Ongoing Projects

Wadi ElKu Water Resources Management aided by Theoretical Models -- Surface and Ground waters)

for United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP), — (started 2015-2017).

Waste Water Treatment Plant of Althwra 76, Omdurman, Khartoum State

Joint Ventura with Ion Exchange, India, for Housing and Development Fund, Khartoum State (started 2015, —–).

Nile Ecosystems Valuation for Wise Use Case Study: (Dinder Wetland, Sudan)

Conducted for NBCBN, (2015-2016).

Study of Wetlands – Blue Nile and Dinder Park Sites – Project

for WEU, Nile Basin Capacity Building Network (NBCBN) – (started 2015, —-).

Analytical Reading of Laboratory Investigations on the Environmental Impact of Nile Water Pollution

Conducted for DG-AESD, (2017).

Investigation of Earth-Fill Dams Failures in Seasonal/Intermittent Streams

funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Seintific Research (Sudan), (2018-2019).

Integrating GIS, Remote Sensing and Modeling for Overcoming Water Shortage in Irrigation Network: Case of Elrahad Agriculture Scheme

supported by UNESCO IHE and NBCBN (2018-2019).

Managing Transboundary Water Resources under Climate Change/Variability: Case of Tekeze/Atbara River

supported by UNESCO IHE and NBCBN, (2018-2019).

Study and desgin solution of Subsurface water at Beit Elmal, Omdurman

Conducted for Ministry of Infrastrcure, Khartoum State (2018).