Available Facilities

In performing its educational, research and consultancy activities, UNESCO-CWR has availed and equipped itself with a wide range of supporting facilities. these comprise

The Library

To help UNESCO-CWR in fulfilling its objectives, a library was established hoping later to be center for information and documentation in the field of water resources and related sciences. Currently the library holdings reached more than 3000 copies of books and references, proceedings of conferences, periodicals, and thesis for Higher Diploma, M.Sc. and PhD. The documents are mostly in English. It includes also in the division of e-library a number of compact discs (CD's) and electronic books. Annually the library receives new collections. The main reading room of the library accommodates about 35 researchers at any one time.
The Library provides its services primarily to employees of UNESCO-CWR and graduate students at all levels (PhD – M.Sc. – Higher Diploma). It provides services to researchers and students from other universities and similar research institutes. The services range from using computers, World Wide Web searching to book lending and information retrieving through the library bibliographic database system established under UNESCO Win/isis for thesis loaded in the auto run CD-ROM, According to UNESCO program Genesis / CD. In addition access to electronic books stored on CDROM is also available.

The Computer Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with 40 PCs and Tele-conferencing facility. It encompasses a wide range of networking facilities that include sharing programs and internet accessibility. The laboratory witnessed many educational and training programs arranged by UNESCO-CWR. The facility is also available to serve other institutions and organizations. Several NBI, ENTRO, UNICEF, USAID, RTF of France, RTI of USA …. etc. training activities were conducted in this lab.

Meeting Halls

UNESCO-CWR has furnished and equipped three medium meeting halls. They are suitable and flexible for various types of functions. In addition UNESCO-CWR has strong linkages with many institutions and hotels to avail larger halls if need arises.

Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory

This unit was established in 2005. It provides hard and digital copies of satellite imageries and thematic maps. Topographic and land use maps are also produced at different scales. The laboratory enables UNESCO-CWR to acquire data bank, digital satellite imageries and high thematic maps. Moreover the laboratory built a GIS geo-database that includes a very wide range of thematic geospatial layers.
The laboratory has the following facilities:

Water Quality Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with very advanced instruments that especially suit the Sudan environment and needs. Moreover, the lab covers a wide range of tests and offers services for testing physical, chemical and biological properties of water. The lab was built in a flexible way to accommodate future development in basic and applied research, beside the general services for the society. Total quality central management program is initiated to combine both efficiency and precision. The state of the art of the laboratory system allows creating multi-analytical approaches to solving problems and generates strategic data and information.
The Water Microbiology division provides testing services for numerous water types including, potable water, waste water, bottled water, food processing water and dialysis water. UNESCO-CWR lab provides advice and assistance on water quality monitoring and water sample collection.
The laboratory provides bacteriological analysis of water for the private sector, researchers, students, government departments and the general public. Various water quality tests are available to detect the number and types of microorganisms in water and assist communities in keeping the microbial content of their water supplies at safe level. These tests and standard procedures include: Most Probable Number (MPN) using liquid media, Presence/ absence test using liquid media,Total Bacterial Count Membrane Filtration Technique Further, the following analysis can be performed in the lab: Physicochemical analysis , Major cations, Majoranio

Survey Equipment

Field data measurements are crucial for the proper planning, design and management of water resources projects. UNESCO-CWR acquired modern Hydrographic and Land Survey equipment such as Total Station, Levels, GPS Sounder, ADPC, Engine-boat and other survey accessories.
The field survey team is well trained and very experienced in conducting survey works efficiently and on time.

Groundwater Exploration Equipment

Here the main concerned is groundwater exploration for drinking water and irrigation. We possess a sophisticated and advanced piece of equipment (ABEM Terrameter 4000) which provides valuable information on water availability in the underground strata (depth, quantity, quality and extension) using advanced software. The investigations are conducted by qualified and experienced experts and technicians.